Download Configuration Software and Manuals
Flexisoft  (Ver 1.41.1) No update needed
Configuration software for FlexiPanel and FlexiLogics.
Flexisoft legacy version
Version 1.2
FlexiPanel User Manual
User Manual for the FlexiPanel Combination  PLC with HMI configuration software
FlexiPanel User Manual
FlexiLogics User Manual
User Manual for the FlexiLogics PLC configuration software
Configuration software for Weintek Touch Panels
EasyBuilder8000 user manual
User manual for the EasyBuilder 8000 configuration software
EasyBuilder8000 User Manual.pdf
EasyBuilder Connection Manual
EasyBuilder PLC/Device connections manual
Weintek connections manual
EasyBuilder USB driver installation
Configuring USB port for downloading to Weintek panel
Configuring the USB port.pdf
FlexiSoftl Update
Update 1.4
FlexSoft update beta 1.4
Demo Projects
Alarm Event Display Watch
Alarm Event Display
Data Block
Input Order
Media Player
MPlayer 1024x768
MPlayer 640x480
MPlayer 800x600
Options List
Trend Data Display
Trend Data
Welcome to the Automation Technology Concepts download page - All configuration software that supports the products we sell is free.
So, please download and try the simulation software that allows the user to run the project on the development PC before downloading
to the unit. With FlexiSoft,  the PLC and HMI configuration software development tool, you can simulate fully functional applications.
The Weintek HMI i series touch operator interface panels are composed exclusively of operator interface panels with wide screen format, while
maintaining mechanical equivalent size display with a traditional format, increase the area available for the project by about 30%. The i series
HMI panels are available in  4.3", 5.6" 7", and 10" sizes and are powered with the 400 MHz RISC CPU along with the powerful EasyBuilder8000
configuration software. The i series HMI panels can fulfill all your needs in a operator interface panel.

The x series are the larger HMI panels that require more processor power with Ethernet, audio and video capabilities. The x series HMI panels
are available in 10.4", 12.1" and 15" size operator panel. The high speed 500 MHz microprocessor has outstanding data processing to
enhance communication transmission and supports live graphic display with complicated animations plus multi-page switching without delay.

All Weintek operator interface panels devices are equipped with 65,536 colors TFT display and LED back light to minimize power consumption
and ensure a long lamp life. The i series units come with 128MB of flash memory of which 16MB to the project and 50MB available to save
important data, event logs etc. SD and USB ports standard on all HMI panels models, except MT6050i that it has no SD slot.
The FlexiPanels are an HMI with built-in PLC that supports HMI functions as well as PLC features. These HMI with built-in PLC panels are Renu
Electronics latest product .The user can implement logic, specific to an application using standard Ladder programming. The HMI with built-in
PLC combo units save panel space and simplify programming by having one common tag data base. The development software is free and is
the same development software that is used to program the FlexiLogics PLC series. These HMI with built-in PLC combo units come in sizes from
2 line text to 7 inch TFT color display. They have pluggable IO modules that come in a variety of configurations with Digital / Analog inputs and
Weintek HMI
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